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happy easter-other news

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 2:37 PM
hey guys and gals,wanted to say happy easter!

in current news
-will be putting the latest Dreamsphere story together soon and post it on DA
-im in artist block again
-been busy mostly with work
-been watching alot of youtube lately
-going to California the 27th for the day to see my dad
-im thinking about holding a contest for Dark Kel
-ive been thinking about doing something new with my hair in rl of course lol
idk im just kinda getting bored of it,and my long hair is getting irritating
- its kinda hard to scan drawings now since my bf took my desk for his second monitor

i think that about does it for now.
once again sorry for lack of art,and for my inactivity

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Watching: video game speed runs on youtube
  • Drinking: dr pepper

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which main outfit is your favorite for Mysticaya? 

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Kelly Lee
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My Storys
Dreamsphere Story (my OCs)
It is raining outside,and it is dark out.Sre sees a girl lying on the ground asleep.he picks her up and takes her back to his place.she wakes up on Sre's bed and Sre asks her "what are you doing here,who are you?" the girl says "my name's Kel,and i have no idea i just woke up here." Sre nods "i see.well there has to be a reason your here,artist." Kel says "wait,you know me?" Sre nods and says "your in your dream,which is called the are in here for a reason,what reason is that i have no idea." Kel asks Sre "what should we do?" then a knock on the door.Sre answers it."hello Cheche,what brings you here?" Sre says.Cheche looks around and sees Kel."who is this?" she asks.Sre says "this is Kel,the creator of this place.we where talking about why she might be here for." Cheche says "you remind me of a girl from the realm of rainbows,she goes by Sorrow Spectrum.maybe you should see her,she might help." Kel nods and says "your probably r
Dreamsphere 2 Story (My OCs)
After the war between Earth and Zeltros,Sre and Mysticaya begin to relax from the fighting.they go to Sre's room and start kissing,they slowly make the way to the bed and they end up making love.later on,after that,Sre and Mysticaya are cuddling with each other in Sre's bed and then they hear a knock on the door.Sre goes to answer it.its Cheche.Sre says "yes Cheche?".Cheche says "Sre,you and Mysticaya need to get out here right away!" Sre says "slow down! whats going on?" Cheche says "im not sure but they are attacking the city." Sre says "give us a minute."
Sre and Mysticaya change into their main clothes and make their way outside of Sre's room.Cheche takes them to the top floor where Nebula and Ashodd are waiting.Sre asks Ashodd "mother,whats going on?" Ashodd says "Nebula asked me to be by her side,so here i am.Nebula will give you the details." Nebula then says "do you remember what Abigail said before we returned home,that she had somethi
Dreamsphere The Beginning Story (My OCs)
Just another day for Kel sitting down drawing in her room,and it starts to rain,she says to Chuwie,talking for him and not being able to see him but can here his voice,"Chuwie,its raining." Chuwie says "this would be a good time to go take a walk." Kel decided to take a walk,she goes to the mall.she accidently runs into a man which looks emo.Kel turns around and says "Sorry." the man turns around and grabs Kel and says "Are you Kel?" Kel says "yea...let go of me!" a female police officer comes to Kel's aid and arrests the man.Kel heads home after that,to talk to Chuwie about what happened.the man is taken to the police station,and puts him in a cell.
the female police officer begins to ask the man "why did you grab that girl?hmm?" he says "i know her,she just doesn't know me,yet.I know about you two,Cheche." Cheche says "Oh really now? did you know my name!?" the man says "your a Tryshin,like me,same with Kel but she is unaware of it
Dreamsphere 3 Story (my OCs)
Sometime later,Sre is with Mysticaya in his room and then he gets a call on his new digital device that Agony made for him to keep in touch with the other Tryshins.this device is basically i high tech cell phone that he can communicate with Tryshins in between planets Earth and Zeltros.the call is from Ivory.Sre says "whats up?" Ivory says "i was sent back to Earth by the president of the USA.They discovered a new realm in the Dreamsphere near Las Vegas.I have tried to enter it and i just go right through it.i think you might need special permissions.i need you to come here right away." Sre says "what is the realm doing?" Ivory says "its changing everything around us.we dont know how to stop it." Sre says "but your a Tryshin,you should have some idea." Ivory says "all i can say Sre is you would have a better idea then i would." Sre says "very well,ill be there soon." Ivory says "you might want to bring some backup." Sre says "im on it." My
Dreamsphere Mysticaya's Revenge Story (My OCs)
A little after Sre and Mysticaya where announced lord and lordess of the city of Zeltros,Mysticaya has another dream and wakes up.she gets dressed and starts pacing back and forth in Sre's room.Sre wakes up and asks Mysticaya "are you ok?" Mysticaya says "no,Abigail sent me another dream of the Verthos's attacking again.i need to put a stop to going to Zorecore." Sre says "let me go with you." Mysticaya says "this is my war Sre,i need to finish need to stay here and protect the people of Zeltros." Sre says "there is something you have not told me,i can tell by the look on your face." Mysticaya says "its complicated." Sre says "please tell me.i will keep this between us,i promise." Mysticaya says "my death was not what you soul is from Zorecore and was a power source for the city and the Verthos's.Page summoned my soul and placed it into Kel.since then the Verthos's have been trying to take my soul back.i have to send a
Dreamsphere Rise of Darkness (My OCs)(this is in WIP,title is subject to change)
this is still Dreamsphere 5 i just changed the title

later on,way later on,Mysticaya and Sre are sleeping and Mysticaya hears a loud crash outside.Sre wakes up and asks Mysticaya "what was that?" Mysticaya says "im not sure,we should probably check it out." the two get dressed and leave Sres room,and head down the stairs,they get to the lobby and they see Cheche and she goes to them and says,catching her breathe "a star just fell down,Nebula wanted me to tell you right away." Sre says "Nebula is outside? she rarely leaves this place." Cheche says "i know,thats what i dont understand.she also told me to tell you that she needs to speak to you both right,lets go!"
Sre and Mysticaya follow Cheche to go talk to Nebula.Nebula is looking at stairs on the beach and she says "Cheche,leave us.this matter is personal until further notice." Cheche leaves and Nebula says "you probably wondering why i am o

My OCs
Dreamsphere-my OCs list and infowelcome to my OCs list and info!
there are 43 OCs here

Dreamsphere index,with stories and my OCs
-all my characters have peach skin
(accept Abigail)
-all my characters can have their wings vanish or appear
(they dont have wings all the time.)
not all my OCs have wings.

my OC race is Tryshin.

fanarts of my OCs:

the Dreamsphere is a living creature which can tap into the dreams of is shaped like a sphere and appears like is mistaken for being a building.
it also can create its own realms such as the realm of rainbows,seasons,and elements.
the Dreamsphere(s) are protected and ordered around by Palette.but is passed
Dreamsphere 2-My OCs list and infowelcome to my OCs list and info,for Dreamsphere 2!
there are 31 OCs here

Dreamsphere index,with stories and my OCs…
*all my characters have peach skin*
(accept Abigail)
-all my characters can have their wings vanish or appear
(they dont have wings all the time.)
not all my OCs have wings.

my OC race is Tryshin.

fanarts of my OCs:…

a fairy girl from the realm of rainbows,the clovers on her back are her wings.she is irish.has healing abilities.carries a pot of gold wand which has coins and rainbows which come out of it.

a ranger,
Dreamsphere 3 and 4-my OCs list and infowelcome to my OC lists and info for Dreamsphere 3!
there are only 12 OCs in this journal
this also included OCs from Dreamsphere 4.
(Mysticaya's Revenge)

Dreamsphere index,with stories and my OCs…
*all my characters have peach skin*
(accept Abigail)
-all my characters can have their wings vanish or appear
(they dont have wings all the time.)
not all my OCs have wings.

my OC race is Tryshin.

fanarts of my OCs:…

a scientist which is old fashioned and highly intelligent.uses a staff

elf fairy princess.has magic abili
Dreamsphere OCs-Not in Stories:new:
these might be added to Dreamsphere 5,we shall see what happens.
these are extra OCs which are not mentioned in my Dreamsphere storys.
*they all have peach skin*

the being within the Dreamsphere between planets Earth and Zeltros.uses a staff.

from the realm of rainbows.uses a staff.
i adopted here from :iconDanielle-chan:
89.Epic Death

this is separate from Death from Dreamsphere 2.uses a scythe.
90.Techno Sharpie

cybergoth from the realm of rainbows.uses sharpie pens as weapons.

this is the form between Kel and Mysticaya.uses a scythe.



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