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if any of these open,i will announce it in my journal
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which of these OCs should i KEEP?(these where ones i considered selling,but im not 100% sure)need answers soon.thanks 

3 deviants said Robin Robin Returns by Mysticaya274
2 deviants said Garnet New OC-Garnet by Mysticaya274
2 deviants said Nora New OC-Nora by Mysticaya274
2 deviants said Etha New OC-Etha by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Pain New OC-Pain by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Pastel New OC-Pastel by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Sage New OC-Sage by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Cyanide New OC-Cyanide by Mysticaya274
No deviants said Jolt New OC-Jolt by Mysticaya274
No deviants said Astra Astra-Dark Star Girl by Mysticaya274

which OC of mine should i update their look? need answers soon.thanks. 

6 deviants said Cheche Cheche Reference by Mysticaya274 (complete makeover.shes had this look for many years,and its getting old to look at)
3 deviants said Luronna Luronna Returns by Mysticaya274 (i was considering updating her outfit some)
2 deviants said Ice New OC-Ice by Mysticaya274 (i like her look but i dont think the witch theme fits her)
1 deviant said Harmony Harmony Reference by Mysticaya274 (i was thinking about making her more holy like)
1 deviant said Crystal New OC-Crystal by Mysticaya274 (was going to change her some,but keep her colors)
No deviants said Aqua Aqua Redone by Mysticaya274 (i dont think this dress fits her,and i had planned to make her yellow/blue)
No deviants said Marina Marina Redone by Mysticaya274 (i has planned to make her a red mermaid.)
No deviants said Veronica New OC-Veronica by Mysticaya274 (this design is weird for me and i dont personally care the colors i chose for her)

OCs-need your help.please pick.(edit)

Sun Apr 19, 2015, 6:09 PM
(edit2) ive added some new names to the list.also removed more names.

(edit) took some names off the list.still need your guys help.need to know your favorite names.please pick your favorite names from the list below.thank you.
ive been doing alot of thinking,and im going to get rid of a bunch of my OCs.i will be remaking some them,some i will not.i have too many OCs that i am not using in my storys and probably never will use.i want OCs that not will use alot,but will also draw alot,like Mysticaya,or Crimson for example.i have quite a few that ive had for months and some years and i never use them.

now i need your help.please pick your favorite names from my list below.i will be keeping a count on how many times each name is picked.


thank you guys for your help.

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Kelly Lee
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
my storys:
Dreamsphere Story (my OCs)
Kelly wakes up and picks herself up.Kelly then tries to figure out her surroundings.she then hears a female voice and turns around.Kelly asks "who are you?" she says "my names your mother Kelly.Sre and Gene brought you here did they?" Kelly says " do you know that?" Nebula says "Abigail told me,and thats how i knew you where going to show up here." Kelly asks "who is Abigail?" Nebula says "a friend.she have visions and dreams and they always happen.she also told me why you are here." Kelly says "where am i?" Nebula says "your in a Dreamsphere,this is the city of Zeltros." Kelly says "what do i do now?" Nebula says "come with me."
Nebula and Kelly take a walk into the city and she says "your hear to learn and to help us.even though your in a Dreamsphere,we are real,was once was,or will be in the future.this is Rift,she is the realm holder." Kelly shakes her hand.Rift then says "there are many realms,and i have to manage them
Dreamsphere 2 Story (My OCs)
Sre and Mysticaya continue to make out and have some fun in the bed.they then cuddle in the bed.Sre then hears a knock on the door,and he goes to answer it.its Cheche.Cheche says "you must have forgot to speak with Nebula.she needs to see you right now,get dressed."when Cheche leaves,Sre and Mysticaya get dressed and head to Nebula's location.when they meet up with her,Sre asks her "what do you need to talk to us about?" Nebula says "do you remember Zyxo?" Mysticaya says "i do.what about him?" Nebula says "well it appeares that this Tryshin homework is heading towards us,and is being moved by Gaia." Sre says "Zyxo wants to take over Earth does he? Nebula says "yes,and he has control of Gaia.he is using his wife Flu's control to move the planet.we need to stop it before the humans and Tryshins here get harmed." Sre says "is anyone controlling Earth?" Nebula says "no.the planet Earth has no such defense like we Tryshins do.that is why they are re
Dreamsphere The Beginning Story (My OCs)
Just another day for Kelly sitting down drawing in her room,and it starts to rain.she realizes something is wrong about her surroundings,and decides to take a walk,and decides to go into a mall close by.inside the mall,she accidentally runs into a man which an emo type look. the man turns around and grabs Kelly and says "Are you Kelly?" Kel says "yea.,how do you know that?"the man says "now is not the time to explain.just trust me." the emo dude grabs Kelly and he whispers in her ear "shout let me go."
Kelly then shouts "Let Me Go!" a female police officer comes to Kelly's aid and arrests the emo guy holding her.Kelly then makes a mad dash home.
.the man is taken to the police station,and puts him in a cell.the female police officer begins to ask the man "why did you grab that girl?hmm?" he says "i know her,she just doesn't know me,yet.I know about you two,Cheche." Cheche says "Oh really now? did you know my name!?" the man says "you
Dreamsphere 3 Story (my OCs)
sometime later,Sre and Mysticaya is lying down in bed in Sre's place.Sre gets a call on his cell phone.somehow,he gets a message from Earth from Cheche.Cheche says "hey Sre,its Cheche.i wanted to let you know Gaia is here.shes watching Earth now.Verthos exploded,and no one has been harmed.all Tryshins off the planet got transferred successfully.i have to be here for now.anyway just calling to let you know." Sre says "we succeeded on our mission.good." Mysticaya says "come back to bed hun." Sre says "i wish i could my love but we have to go see what your next test is.come one,get dressed."
Sre and Mysticaya go see Nebula.Nebula says "oh thank goodness,we got a new problem...a big dear daughter,this is your final test." Mysticaya asks "mother,whats the final test?" Nebula says "well,if you pass,then i will pass down my rule to you,as queen." Mysticaya says "i dont want to be a queen." Nebula says "oh dear,its not soo bad.its just a title.i
Dreamsphere 4 Story (My OCs)
sometime later,Mysticaya is in a deep sleep.Sre tries to wake her but she is unable to wake up.Sre gets Crimson to try and wake here and has no effect.Crimson says "we need to let Abigail know that we cant wake her.something is wrong here.shes been asleep for a very long time,i dont know how much longer she is going to last." they hear a knock on the door and Sre says "i think she already knows." Sre then goes to open the door,and at the door is Abigail.Sre asks Abigail "whats wrong with Mysticaya.she still wont wake up." Abigail says "she is in a dream but cant get out.shes stuck." Sre says "ive tried everything?what do i do?' Abigail says "put her back into the Dreamsphere." Sre says "ill take her back then." before Sre picks up Mysticaya,Crimson says "you should stay with her till she wakes up.shes going to be confused when she wakes up,alot of time has passed." Sre says "i know.ill bring her up to date when she wakes up."Sre then picks up M
Dreamsphere 5 Story (My OCs)
later on,way later on,Mysticaya and Sre are sleeping and Mysticaya hears a loud crash outside.Sre wakes up and asks Mysticaya "what was that?" Mysticaya says "im not sure,we should probably check it out." the two get dressed and leave Sres room,and head down the stairs,they get to the lobby and they see Cheche and she goes to them and says,catching her breathe "a star just fell down,Nebula wanted me to tell you right away." Sre says "Nebula is outside? she rarely leaves this place." Cheche says "i know,thats what i dont understand.she also told me to tell you that she needs to speak to you both right,lets go!"
Sre and Mysticaya follow Cheche to go talk to Nebula.Nebula is looking at stairs on the beach and she says "Cheche,leave us.this matter is personal until further notice." Cheche leaves and Nebula says "you probably wondering why i am outside huh? well,i was sent a dream by Abigail this morning,it had something to do with Universe,
Mysticaya Story
sometime in the future,Mysticaya wakes up.she does not see Sre with her,and she gets up and quickly gets dressed.then she goes to find Nebula.when she does,she asks her "mother,where is Sre?" Nebula says "none of us know,hes been gone for days.ide go ask Abigail.maybe she might know.maybe its for you to find out directly from her.she has not sent any of us any information." Mysticaya says "thanks,ill go find her right now." Mysticaya then goes to find Abigail.she finds her in a rose garden within the city of Zeltros.Abigail says without turning around to look at Mysticaya "ive been expecting you." Mysticaya asks "where is Sre?" Abigail says "hes been abducted." Abigail then turns around and says "he was taken by someone i have never seen in my life,but apparently all our foes has started following her.for what reason im not sure." Mysticaya says "thats not good." Abigail says "no,its need to get him back,even if it means you have t

these stories are being updated so that everything is current.
Dreamsphere The Beginning-done
Dreamsphere 2-done
Dreamsphere 3-done
Dreamsphere 4-WIP

Mysticaya-WIP(on hold)

my OCs are all over the place currently do to story changes.

which of these OCs of mine is your favorite? 

3 deviants said Ophelia Ophelia Reference by Mysticaya274
3 deviants said Astonish The Return of Astonish by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Enigma New OC Enigma by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Amanda New OC-Amanda by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Dana New OC-Dana by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Heather New OC-Heather by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Galaxy New OC-Galaxy by Mysticaya274
1 deviant said Moon New OC-Moon by Mysticaya274
No deviants said Minerva New OC Minerva by Mysticaya274
No deviants said Lisa Lisa Redone by Mysticaya274



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